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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Puter Room Pummelled - Software Boxes Bagged

Well, Jack's desire to Do Something has overcome even my famous laziness: we have totally emptied and rearranged the 'puter room. Jack tore into my software boxes with a vengeance and reduced them to a short stack of booklets/CD's and 3 smallish stacks of cardboard destined for the recycle. (Anyone got a spare herbiecurbie we can dump garbage in? We're over our limit... (giggle))

We lost a bookcase in the bargain (still trying to decide where it'll be exiled to) but otherwise we are GTG: 3 puter stations up and available, a SPARC in the corner and another puter waiting for powah to get up and going. Email outage was only about 8 hours (eeek! how did we ever survive before DSL/Cable??) and we're back online. Scanner and laserjet are still quiet, but they are placed and ready to connect. Next week will see all 5 (!) machines networked and we may even get another machine up for a firewall/webserver. (SET GEEKINESS=HIGH)

We still have boxes galore, but we are slowly working thru them. With the puter room out of the way the kitchen is able to re-establish its dominance over it's space ("Wow, we >>do<< still have that table from IKEA in here! Who knew!?" hehehe) next will be relieving the dining room of all the squatters. SomeDay Soon the place will be available for dinner in the dining room ("Eeeek! How continental!") altho the back porch does quite well on these soft summer-soon-to-be-autumn days/nights.

2pm today is an EQ raid with the Ordos - we haven't been on in almost a month (altho my SWG and Eve chars are coming along nicely - guilty pleasures them.)


Hi Chris! Love ya!