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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Tuesday: Da Big Drive...

Well, it's good to know that my l33t time management ski11z are as sad In Real Life as they are with workstuff. We had most of the truck packed up Monday, but dang... we didn't get all the misc stuff in the apt moved up and out (and apt cleaned) until 2pm. Grrr... no way we'd make Chitown in time for Public Storage to be open (it's only downside is wonky weekday hours: 9-6pm M-F - who the h*ll move stuff around during the week at those times??) so we moved on to Plan B: phone our chum (and current WOG SD Barbara) to ask if we can park the truck outside her place in Oak Park for retrieval Wednesday.

Like the true friend she is, she agrees wholeheartedly and we're off to Oak Park. We make it there in about 6 hours (nice time that) and spend some time decompressing with her and Corky hearing all the dirt (and mud :) ) from Starwood.

We're sore, we're tired... and we need to put my bed back together (I thought I was being smart by taking it apart before I left.) Ah well... there's always tomorrow.