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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Grrr - so what year is it again???

Ok ok, I know I've let some bills slip and slide recently, so much of this is My Fault, but jeez louise! Tried to pay the phone bill via BankOne's bill pay, and they are taking upwards of 5 days to get the payments out. (Well, starting this weekend they are going faster so that's >>something,<<)

They supposedly got the payment on Friday, but as of this morning they haven't and have disconned us. Ok, so it's not so bad cuz we get lotsa annoying calls, but stll.

So I figgered, hey, I signed up for SBC's eBill last month, and sure enuf, there's the bill all purty and such on their site. They have an option to pay your bill, so I figger, hey, I'll just pay it here vs. calling and doing it over the phone. Save them time and money, so it's all good. I do that (that's payment #2 now) and call the collections area to find out what's the next move.

Come to find out that the online will take 3-5 >>days<< to post - so what the heck is the point?? I can get that turnaround from my own bank or the nearest currency exchange. Grrrr... So I could always just pay a >>third<< time over the phone and get it turned on, or hold out till >>something<< posts.


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I switched to SBC's eBill for a while, just switched back to paper bills. The problem was that they couldn't give me both an electronic bill and a paper bill. So when my old ISP decided that about 1/3 of our mail was spam last year and filtered it away, I never got our December bill because the message was lost! Paper is a pain but I trust the post office more than I trust the net. Gah.

Ya, I'm thinking of turning it off and going back to paper. I realize it's not PC and all but geez.

I am still a bit too old fashioned. I pay each of mine individually every month (though often online or by automated phone systems). LOL. Or maybe I'm just too much of a control freak to lose touch with each part. *shrug*

Well, I do too, mostly, but with BankOne buying out 1st Chicago and going backwards on their online banking (used to work tightly with Quicken - now it's all download this and enter billpay on the web. Gaak.)

I'd thought I was doing better, but the SBC bill is still hangover from a month or two so ... soon we'll be down to $30/mo or so.

One nice thing about moving in with Jack is the savings in phone bills. ;)

I don't know what the point is...I just started paying things electronically as well, and I'm finding it's possibly even more of a headache than writing out checks by hand. So much for bloody convenience, eh?

Nod nod.

p.s. and yes, d*mn, he >>is<< sexy. And he was not chosen for Aragorn WHY???

Hmmm....I'm guessing it's because Viggo made the transition to brunette better than Sean, who is a different sort of a blonde. Don't you think Viggo's sexy, too?

As Aragorn, yes. In every other pic I've seen of him, nope.

Sean, otoh, I have yet to see in anything other than stunning (well, cept for that hospital pic of him with a shaved head. "What were you thinking??")

You're right, Viggo does look best as Aragorn, or at least with darker hair...although his non-LoTR self has grown on me.

What's this about Seanie and a shaved head???

And you call yourself a Bean-i-ac?


Well, maybe you don't. ;)

i feel your pain with the move!
found your journal through the eq list; your advice to the ranger was dead on. it's SO nice to see someone who actually knows how to PLAY the game! cheers to you.
what server are you on, by the way?