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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
City of Heroes NDA Lifted

Ok ok... yes, I >>did<< read a zillion comic books when I was growing up (and yes, they >>did<< cost 5 cents back then - I remember scoring 0.12 comix in AZ when I went to Philmont back in '73 after they got way more 'spensive.)

But I've not really been all that taken up by them. Ya, mostly for me it was drooling over Thor and feeling all googlie at stuff that Dr. Strange got into, but altho I was a die hard DCer (other than the aformentioned couple of titles from Marvel) it wasn't really all that. I got back into them after moving to Chicago to be with Ray, but it's never been a passion, per se.

Jack, otoh, apparently >>is<< nutzo over comix (bless his heart.) He's been mad to play City of Heroes (CoH) ever since I showed him the sight. I thought it was going to be an interesting-thing-to-watch and I wasn't all that interested in playing. So I bought us two copies of the pre-order so he could play and we've been sucked into it for the last week or so.

So much fun, and so little of the pee-hat lewt syndrome of other games of this sort. We'll see how long it lasts, but for now it's a riot and we have all sorts of fun just bonking bad guys and leaping all over Paragon City. Hehehhe, it's so keen that when you rescue a citizen from whatever thug has accosted them that they run off while you fight, but run back to ACTUALLY THANK YOU. (!#$!!!) You also get a couple of Influence points (what passes for SuperHero Currency in the game) but D*MN!! What a trip!

And ya, playing Barbies with the character creator (woot! Goatees! chaps! harnesses! HAIR!!!) is a game all its own.

Sheesh - I've become a fanboi.

Current Mood: dorky

I was a big comic fan as a kid (it was Marvels for me, except for Legion of Superheroes) but I never tried any of the comic RPGs. Oddly enough, I've been picking up comics again in the last few years (no, not the sophisticated ones, it's superheroes for me all the way :)) and I've really been impressed with some of the Batman books. Times change, I guess--then again, Batman now is not the same guy he was when I was young!

You should check out Chicago Comicon (apparently now called Wizard World). It's an annual summer convention. Lots of cool stuff!