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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
So, have I totally lost my mind?

Maybe. I've actually posted on my EQ1 Guild's board and put up my "goals" for 2005 in EQ along with a couple of postings about a weekly groupage and maybe some mentoring (eek! shades of ATitD!) for Guild Events.

With the latest expansion news causing tittering, I suppose it's prolly best to get my toons off Legends and save some cabbage. I'll also lose access to PlanetSide (I think?) but I really never did much in there but ooh and aaah at the graphics and read the trash talk on the boards. Fun game, seems to me, but best if you can get together with friends to squad up and frag some dilberts together. Definitely >>not<< a solo game.

Squashing toons on Legends means prolly just keeping Sbil (my half elf Pally I started long ago) and Mathar (my rp kinda cousin to Mathir.) Everyone else can prolly be gone - even the 6 (!) Vah Shir I started to do >>all<< the racial/class quests they introduced - cute idea, but c'mon. 6 toons?(I don't think I've >>ever<< deleted a toon in EQ. Stop the insanity!!) Must... keep... to... two... accounts...

Looking over the stable, I really need to (re)think where they're all ending up. It would be best to have toons at various levels for guild play, but maybe actually moving up my Ogre Beastlord (with the cute bear pet!) twould be fun I think. He's trapped in Paineel/Warrens, so I need to get him out!

p.s. ATitD is kicking up to high gear, but it's harder and harder to solo there. Just keeping the camels in grass/straw is a major undertaking. Sigh. Maybe we can try to get Bingo back in the game...

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