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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Better post than a silly pic

Ok, so that last post was pretty snarky, although it did highlight one of the neato tihngs that have been occupying my time lately. To wit:

*) Having to give up my office - ok, so I'm not a manager anymore, and they did need to get thier office back, but still. Sigh. Moving just isn't my gig, ya know? Although, it prolly would've been a lot more annoying if I hadn't been distracted by being enthralled with:

*) Maven - http://maven.apache.org and "The Maven Developer's Notebook" (ISBN: 0-596-00750-7) Now it's a little disclosed fact that I am fascinated by computer aided design/programming/etc. I may end up with a small exposition for those of you now falling asleep over the notion, but hey, I find it interesting. (I like to think of it as a love of "Literate Programming" (ISBN: 0937073806) Knuth's take on things. Sounds way better too!)

*) My latest read is "Deadhouse Gates" (ISBN 0765310023) Steven Erikson's 2nd Book of his Malazan Book of the Fallen series. Good grief, and I thought only Steve Brust, Jack Vance, David Brin and  Ian M. Banks could write world-(universe? multiverse?)-spanning, idea-rich, omg-did-I-just-read-that-need-to-read-it-again fruitcake-plumpudding prose. But no - I've found myself another gotta-have-it author! Go me! Sadly, only the first 3 books of his are available here in the states (hmm, maybe we need to take a quick trip to Toronto to visit Bertie and Deano... )

*) Those snarky grove members, getting me all excited about ADF again. Boo Hiss! So we've gotten a new website (http://wildoniongrove.org - ain't much yet - but give him time!) and da Jacksta is setting things up with a phpBBS and all. Maybe I'll even start posting again to the lists. Shock! Horror! Alert the Media! Mirabile Dictu! It's a miracle - call the Pope! (Well, maybe just Isaac...)

*) http://360.yahoo.com/drubear - however much you hate Yahoo!, they do seem to be doing some interesting things. Ya, they're not Moz and they're not Google, but still, interesting things in cooperative/collaborative/viral-marketing wizardry. Taking a lead from AOL (it seems to me) they are trying to link up people in interesting ways, and not only for The Geeks. Join my friends list!

(sings) "I'll be blogging you in all the old familiar places..."

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