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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
New client - new lists

In an effort to get more of my thoughts on "paper" (however virtual) I've downloaded a new LJ client "Semagic" which seems a bit more up to date than my 2002 LJ for Windows. (Tried to get Deepest Sender working, but the version I had was so old it was keeping the new one from installing. Waaah!)

I've also decided to step back into the online world of ADF (http://www.adf.org) by re-subscribing to a number of ADF lists. We'll see if I can stand them this time 'round, altho I hear that the effective (and oh so cute!) List Admin is keeping things under control. I also wanted to jump into the Sunday Chat, but it seemed as though it has fallen out of favor. Ah well...

Anywho, that's the news from Lake Woebegone - for now. Off to the living room and Da Jacksta (is that Annie I hear on the T & V? A musical!? No way!!)

Current Mood: busy

Glad you've stepped back into the water for a while! Now if we could just get you and that really cute List Admin (I'll have to take your word for it, since I've never actually met the guy) and maybe a few other oniony types to come to Summerland, my life would indeed be complete. :)

Well the plan so far...

is to be there. We're going to find out if cabins are going to be available at this (late?) date cuz, ya know, we're the Geezer Grove and all and camping has lost a lot of its appeal.

As for the cuteness of the list admin, take a peek at my 360 at http://360.yahoo.com/drubear where he is listed as one of my friends and has pics galore on Flickr.

Re: Well the plan so far...

Awww... well he's not as cute as you, dear. :)

I SOOO look forward to seeing y'all in a few weeks. Let's us geezers go out for breakfast one day? If all else fails and you're cabin-less, you could probably share mine. It appears that half of my grovemates (who are mostly 10-25 years younger than me) are camping and the other half would rather be in "Judi's Den of Iniquity" rather than "Jenni's Restful Sleeping Place," so there should be space.

Re: Well the plan so far...

Da Jacksta called over and we found out there's only 2 more cabins left (oops - none now!) so if you have all of one to yourself maybe we can buddy up (so far it's us and Barbara) to open up a cabin for Some Other Needy One.

As for beff-fast - dear, it's only a day and a half event - we'll be there for supper Friday so that's only 2 chances. But sure!!

Geezer Breakfast!

Ok, let's do it then. Saturday morning at the Mill... I'm thinking 7 a.m.? I need to be back in time for Lilith's workshop on the drop spindle, and 7 is late enough that I can get in a good brisk walk beforehand. Care to join me for that, too?

Re: Geezer Breakfast!

7am!? Are you mad, woman!? I"ll just be getting to REM sleep by then!!

(grumble grumble)

Re: Geezer Breakfast!

What, are you still a semi-nocturnal party animal? Not much of *real* geezer if you're not awake by 7, are ya now? Geezerhood means considerably less average hours of sleep per day -- early to rise, and all that.

Besides, 7 a.m. is breakfast -- and late, at that. I guess you wouldn't be interested in the sunrise prayer and power walk then, eh?

It will be nice to see you back on the lists...

The Sunday IRC chat has been pretty much abandoned....I don't who has ops on it anymore, either. It was a nice place to chat with other ADF types.


Musicals?? NEVER!

(is that Annie I hear on the T & V? A musical!? No way!!)

No, no way. Would I ever willingly listen to musical theater? Annie's "Tomorrow" song was actually part of Serial Mom, a much better way to spend one's time.


We've tried to get someone to run the IRC chats since I prepared to move overseas. Sometimes a person will express interest but no one has actually done it. =/

That sounds like a dare!!

Is that a dare? Huh huh?


We're having internal WOG Marketing discussions, maybe we could host them.

Re: That sounds like a dare!!

I double dare ya!