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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]

Just back from Michigan, and kissed Jack goodbye and sped him on his way back to STL. Sigh, what a man. He hadn't planned on staying the night in Michigan, so he put a 2 hour drive to Chi right before a 5 hr one to STL.

But we did get most of the boxes out of the basement (15 or so boxes of books, 10 or so boxes of LP's.) and into storage, and we haven't heard back from the buyers about our latest offer. Good news is the woman painting the house will likely need a place to stay as the place she's caretaking now will be selling soon. If my deal falls apart, esp. later, it will likely be sitting over the winter as houses don't sell well in late fall and winter. But with the Farringtons out, I'll need to have someone there, and she's kinda fell into my lap. (Woohoo!)

Gotta get online to work and submit some recovery jobs... no EQ for this bad boy until that's done... Wednesday I'm off to STL and then Jack and I are off to Miami and BitKeys - for a much needed week long vacance. We're taking an extra day after the run to enjoy Key West on our own, so it should be a fun time.


i hope you to have loads of fun :) my well wishes to you and hope everything works out grandly

:) As I've said before, that's just what love does, babe. We're one step closer! *smootch*