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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Ok, I'm a geek - I admit it ...

but when your selection of Moz tabs are:






you just might be accused of being a bit ... over the edge.

No, I haven't discovered a new obsession, just trying to help out a vendor install some stuff at the office for a Proof Of Concept going on next week. Unfortunately for him our Info Security folks are becoming a bit picky about the security environment and are insisting the application be installed with LDAP (our standard) authentication. All well and good, and the app supports PAM so we >>should<< be ok ... but... (isn't there always a but?) this guys never installed the app on SUSE with PAM going to LDAP (and a Novell eDirectory at that!) and we can't authenticate. Boo! Hiss!!

Which leads me back to my tabs... I certainly learned more about Linux PAM than I ever wanted to know, but by gum, I did discover some things we could use. So now the question is, do I hope they >>don't<< figure it out tonight and I can come in and suggest some solutions? Or just hope all our problems disappear and I can just tuck this clump (? clutch? dollop?) of trivia away for (another) rainy day?

Tune in tomorrow on "As the Installation Turns..." (cue theme)

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I've never been happy with PAM...to me, it's just another layer that can have security holes in it, and it can be a pain to get set up right.

I do know a bit about Linux...read my article!