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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Sunday at the Ren Faire

Wasn't sure how I'd react - there are a sh*tload of memories at Bristol, and I wasn't at all clear if I wanted to see people I knew, or just wanted to watch the crowds and maybe see some people I knew.

As it happened, it was only a couple of peeps (Mooney and Richard W. and Billy) and I wasn't ever recognized. I suspect much has gone on, and many people have come and gone, so it's all pretty good.

The Faire is smaller than I recall, and there was way fewer woofers roaming around - not sure if that's my advancing age are making me more picky, the fact that I was walking around with my own woofer ;) or maybe it's just late in the season and all the cuties have "done" the Faire this year. We also both noticed that there were not many musicians - Jack wasn't really sure what to expect (as he'd never been to the Chicago Faire before) and it's been many years for me.

Really didn't see much - no horsey boy show (if they even had such a thing) and didn't sit through the mud show. Had to explain it to Jack - it's been a while since I met someone who >>didn't<< know what The Mud Show was all about. Lots of keen kids rides - that was a nice addition - lots of kid friendly stuff actually.

We also got one of the artisans to make up an ordination gift for Pat - won't go into too much detail in case he could get wind of it here. Will post pics at 360 when it shows up. Jack got some ritual muslin and silk garbey stuff - and we came home.

Now time for the weekly ADF IRC Chat that Venus double dared me to go to ... I guess I need to get to it...

p.s. maybe I'll reapply for Senior Druid. Hmmmmm....

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