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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Ok so here I am stirring up heaps of trouble ...

So like, no one in authority in ADF wants to do jack or sh*t about the Katrina victims. Let's not bother pointing out the hordes of members asking "what's our response??" Like the fool that I am, after hearing Jack talk about the SD of 6th Night just going Nike on the thing and adding a Pay Pal link to the Grove website, I get on AIM and chat her up. Tell her about this idea Jack and I had about an ad-hoc committee in ADF to handle this. I came up with the spiffy name ADF-CARES on the train coming home.

Now I've posted the initial message and got like 4 SD's to sign on. We'll see what goes on but at least >>something's<< in motion. I also started getting personal by posting a "we need rituals" to the Liturgist list and suggesting Ceres as the Matron of this tragedy. We aren't the most Roman of orgs, let's see how that goes over.

Oh, and as for last weekend and the Hijinks: the fest was nice, locale pretty, but the facilities suxxored. Oh, and there are some seriously immature and discourteous people in that state. (And I'm ashamed to admit it's my birth state. Guess I got out in time?) I'm fairly upset at myself not to have called them out on it, but I was just too focused on tuning them out and enjoying myself. Looking back that was just a cop out and totally enabling bad behavior. Gaak. Oh well, lesson learned (I hope.) Hopefully I won't have to deal with them at another festival or they'll have grown up (or left ADF.) One can hope.

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The first-responders group headed by Kerr has formed "Avalon Cares."

You could coordinate your efforts, possibly?

Thanks for the link! Looks like they are taking contributions and forwarding to the Red Cross - one of our Groves did the same. But we'll certainly contact them about on-the-ground efforts.

We'll get there -- a lot folks have been busy with secular efforts to assist, outside of ADF. I know I intend to use my employer as a conduit for any donations I make, not ADF, for purely practical reasons: they're doubling whatever we can collect.

I finally got my butt back on the "discuss" list today. I'm no SD or a leader in ADF, but if you want to add my name to your list, please feel free.

And what about Isaac's post to Announce on Wednesday? Doesn't that count for anything?

you are speaking of the Houston Grove?

No, actually ... one of the Ohio groves.

The Houston PG seems quite together - couple of them are doing volunteer work and they are probably one of our higher focuses as they are right there in the trenches.