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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
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Something we all can do: Prayer after meals

Let's not mince words: the easiest, fastest and most effective way to make a difference is to send money.

However, not everyone can or even feels comfortable doing that. As a religious people, we know that even money won't repair the damage that has been done to people's lives, livelihoods and families. Realistically, the most we can hope to do is ease the suffering on as many levels as we can. Money can do that in some cases, but often it is from other ways that the longest lasting healing will come.

It is traditional in ADF to select a deity (or deities) of the Occasion when we celebrate our rites. The Roman Goddess Ceres has been identified, by some, as the Deity of This Occasion. She was the Roman Goddess of Grain, and is similar in function to the Greek goddess Demeter, but Her temple also served as a meeting and distribution point for those who were less fortunate in Roman society. Therefore it seems appropriate to call to Her to aid us in our relief efforts, and ask Her to give us blessings as we help feed and shelter those who have lost so much.

Here is one idea we had to aid in the effort. The following prayer can be said after partaking of a meal:


O Ceres, Goddess of Grain
In Ancient times the People looked to You for life giving bread,
And you provided for them.

After the breaking of bread and partaking of this meal,
I humbly beseech you to grant Blessings of
Sustenance to those who have lost so much,
Strength to those who take leave of their own homes to give aid,
and Hope to those who who pray for surety in an uncertain world.

May we all soon break bread knowing safety, happiness and peace.


Other ideas are on the wiki at:


Feel free to add your own there.

Yours in the Mother,


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Thank you for this prayer -- I have begun using it after each meal. It really is lovely.

Thanks, but...

I have two problems with it:

1) I think it's too long, esp. for a grace-after-meals thing
2) I have a problem with the last line. I originally had (the more grammatically correct) "..will have broken break.." meaning that some time in the future may we be able to sit around fat, dumb and happy having broken bread (it's the end of the meal after all.) Jack didn't like it, and I agreed and opted for the shorter version you see.

ok, there's a third (similar to Cei's posting about "all my prayers are like that" comment -

3) Why do all my prayers start with "O blah-blah-blah..." You'd think I'd have a better opening line. Reminds me of Bette Midler always starting out her Sophie Tucker shtick with "I will never forget it!" to get her in the mood.

Ah well, we need to go for quantity over quality at this point. We can refine later...

(1) Ok, it may be a wee bit long for continued use, but I think it's appropriate for the next few weeks.
(2) I grokked the last line just fine.
(3) There's a good reason why we always begin prayers this way -- the first thing we need to do is identify to whom the prayer is directed. It's kind of like tapping them on the shoulder.