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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Windy City Doings - DP/GSP/PG/Dead Fridge

So, survived another install (yesterday) and 1st DP/GSP/ProducersGuild meeting with the Grove. Whew!

Still have some todo's left for the latter: syllabus for DP - sounds like the GSP people are on their own. And Jack's goin' hog wild with the Producer's Guild offering.

In other news, yes, the Fridge died and we're not due for a new one till Tuesday. Sheesh - never realized how much I denpend on that thing!

Next up: surviving First Day of New Stuff at work and then prepping for the ritual next weekend. I may have a line on a prayer to Sif (our Deity of the Occasion) and Bragi, but The Gift has not yet arrived. (Altho we got a mysterious Could Not Deilver notice from "HearthStone" and we're both wracking our brains over whether or not that's the artist.)

Oh, and new, more up to date icon. Too bad it's got the hat that Jack hates (very old Roots hat from Canada while I was in my "orange" phase - remnants of Mike.)