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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Day 1 (?) in Iceland

Ahhh... to blog and yet to dream...

Here we are in Iceland - finally made it despite any number of exiting events:

*) 5 (!) Gate changes in Chicago... and two planes taken out of service for maintenance. The loud frat-brats accompaning us on their way to Ireland seemed little phased by all the delays. Luckily, we had extra time between planes because...

*) the silly shuttle driver forgot to announce our arrival at the international terminal in Boston. So we got to drive around Logan for One Last Look. Jack, Das Deutchen Magnet, struck up a conversation with a woman from Germany, an au pair locally, who was also going to the International Terminal to meet up with her parents who were flying in. Apparently she couldn´t wait to get out of her contract as her family weren´t all that flexible. She admitted that at least Boston was more interesting than her last gig in Burmingham. (!)

*)We really need to work on booking earlier and seeing about business class. FYI, the seats way in the back of IcelandAir planes (aka Steerage) are >>very<< close together. And what´s with the weird thing underneath the seat in front of me (who opted to sit in the middle of consideration of my love who got the window) that only allowed one foot to actually stretch out. Ah flying... A full flight guarentees that the space next to me on the left was filled by an American on his way to Stockholm who insisted on sleeping with as much body contact as he could. Cute white haired daddy type, I suppose, but dude... get some follicle action going, m-kay?

*) Ok, so after a 5 hour flight, you´d think the 6 high schoolers (travelling to gawd knows where with only 2 chaperones) would be too tired to chitter incessantly on the fly-bus to Reykjavik. Well, you´d be wrong. Sigh. Let´s practice our Canadian accent, shall we?

*) If we come back next year and stay at Phoenix, we really need to either take the late flight, or work out with our hosts that we be allowed to go str8 thru to the hotel after our arrival. With very little sleep, at body-time 2am CDT (althogh it´s 6am GMT here in Iceland) we really really really need to not have to sit in the bus station waiting till 9am to call the hotel. At least the mafia (what people here call the folks who run IcelandAir and any number of touristy things here in Iceland) who run the Hotel Nordica would prolly let us in before checkin time. We did get in soon after, so it was not so bad. I´m still working on realigning my body clock, but that´s only to be expected of us lame-o, not-so-world class travellers.

Dinner was at the Grillhouse, an American themed restaurant. Jack had a chicken sandwich, and I had the fish special: a gumbo over pasta that tasted way better than it sounds. (Unless you are a gumbo lover, in which case it was excellent.) Other than getting the drinks mixed up (yes, we know we talked about the beer on the menu, but we actually wanted 2 Cokes. Ok, beer for me then!!) Followed up by 2 latte´s at the Cozy Cafe, a GLB coffee house that had more alchohol than coffee available. How gay!

All in all, Iceland is still beautiful, the women are routinely georgous, and the average man is underfed. What´s a bear to do? Friendly faces everywhere, English spoken almost all the time, the lilting sounds of Icelandic (one can fully understand why it was considered de-riguerre to have an Icelandic Skald at one´s court - the language is beautiful to hear)- and what´s this? No snow?? Bother, looks like it´s just gonna rain... Still great to be here.

Tomorrow is a car rental and a day trip along the southern coast to Vik - maybe see some puffins and a glacier. Should be quite an adventure.

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Iceland trip

dont forget to take plenty of pictures ;) If you find any ancient sites Pleaaaaaaaase pretty please take some pics