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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Ok, so here's the big day...

My dad's coming into town today, and we're going to go and have brunch and a day with him. Jack's never met him, and my dad (altho I've been out since moving to Chicago in '81 to be with Ray) he's never actually met living, breathing proof that I am.

I'm quite nervous, along with other stuff that's going on right now, but luckily Jack makes me feel like I can pretty much take anything on...

Results later... (or earlier, depending!)

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

Best of luck to you. Hope it turns out okay.

Good luck, and hope everything goes smoothly!

Thanks guys - yes, everything went well.

Oh, well, other than having my dad show up to Lou Mitchell's a bit early (we drove around looking for a parking spot and got there at 940am for a 10am date!) and getting waaaay too much food.

Then off to the Art Institute which we didn't realize was $12/head (unless you're a senior so it's only $7) and we couldn't take our bags in (Kaching! Another $2.) Oh, and parking on the non-metered streets of Grant Park is no longer free: $0.05/25 minutes which somehow turns into $6 for 2 hours (Chicago math??)

Then off on a driving tour of Chicago's lakeside: up to Loyola and then down to UoC. We ended up only spending about 4 hours together (including a pc-based review of pics from Iceland at the Flying Saucer Cafe which unfortunately doesn't serve soup until after the brunch menu is closed at 3pm. Sigh.)

Still, all in all it went well. I got told about a cyst I need to get looked at (sheesh - don't they >>ever<< stop being parents??) and some news about where he's thinking of needing to live (LA) when the time comes for him to need assisted living. Well, at least he's thinking on it. Sadly, my cousin Karen, who he's come to depend on a bit for things, has herself needed some care so he's checking out options. Man, it suxxors getting old.