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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
We're leaving the house!!

Mister wants to "get out the house" so we're off to Unabridged... likely see peeps out and about (as it's BP weekend and all.)

Don't freak out if you see us - yes, I've lost more hair. ;)

Be kind.

A BP peep

Very sad no see! Liebe, Kuesse und Malzkaffee.

Re: A BP peep

Was a fun time walking around - late lunch (linner? lupper?) at Nookies after looking almost everywhere for a cord for Jack's glasses. Le Sigh. Back to the Internet!

Not a lot of hotties walking around, so the eye candy was disappointing. But the day was nice and Unabridged had zillions of books so overall it was a success.

Hope you're having a good time!

We're just now back from dinner at Las Mananitas after a lovely long afternoon at Sidetrack. Very good mood; lots of singing along, call-and-response, a conga line, and so forth. And I may have left with more LJ contacts!


Meine Liebe, sorry we missed you. These days I have to pry Mr. Man out of his computer chair! Hope you had viel Spass at Showtunes!


Then leave him with to pixels and come out dancing with me! Although I had a good time at Vision on Sunday, I couldn't help thinking, "This would've been more fun with Renate and Giselle along."