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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Live from Key West...

Ya... Jack and I have gone off to Key West to the 6th annual Bears in the Keys... woohoo!

Sun, beach, pool and furr!!! (<-- oops, copyright material!)

We've decided to take an informal poll of Conch Fritters (a local delicacy) - so far, it's "Jamaica, Jamaica" in the lead, followed by "Two Friends" and (as a far third) "Southernmost Marriot" (not sure of the official name...) Rained yesterday, but I managed to get myself a nasty case of sunburn anyway :(. But thanks to the wizards at Key West Aloe, I'm recovering nicely.

Don't forget to mention to Jack that he looked purty in his black speedos... the rainbo stripes really set off his legs. :)

Well... gotta go and write me some postcards... take care all!