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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Getting back into the groove

So I posted an email to the grove about some books I bought. I've been hemming and hawing after rituals for the last year or so about how it's not quite "on" or as "on" as I'd like it to be. I suppose we've not been as "on" as we should and could be too.

Chatted wid' da Jacksta about it, and we clearly have different views about Next Steps - he's more of a push-their-noses-to-the-grindstone kinda fella (Gods luv 'im!) but I'm more of a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race sort of fool. I'd like to suggest to the Grove that we have a meeting (or two?) and review/revamp/redo one section of our ritual. Given that each grove has local history/lore/consensus about the ADF ritual pretty much means we do this anyway, but I'd like to craft/direct some increase in activity.

As an example, keeping in mind that we are a Chicago Metro Grove, we sometimes liken the Outsiders to ... Republicans. Certainly part of our World View, but not necessarily in tune nor in touch with Our Way Of Doing Things. We know they're out there, and we (kinda) respect them for Who They Are, but we certainly don't want them coming around messing up the place (although we'd never be so crass as to say or even suggest such a thing!)

I'm thinking that I'd like to start with our Well/Fire/Tree section. We currently sing the "By Fire and by Water.." song as a lead in to our Gatekeeper invocation, but (as much as I like singing) I'd like to try something else. We don't do a lot of movement/activity in our rituals and I'd like to see us try to add some of that there. I have this persistent notion of "opening the door" for the Gates, but having a little door/jam on the altar to be opened (a la the Janus Gate in Rome) brings more to mind the Stonehenge fiasco from "Spinal Tap." Not the effect I'd be going for.

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y'know, i've been feeling the same way. i think a good, robust talk would be good.

let me know when you're thinking of doing this, and i'll make my arrangements with work. in the mean time, i'll put some thoughts together about that section.