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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Sometimes ADF really annoys me

So da Jacksta pointed out a thread on ADF-DISCUSS (aka DISGUST) about Falwell's death. Actually, it was the 2nd thread talking about the 1st thread and (in a most patronizingly tone) that "we" should just stop talking about it as there's "obviously" no more benefit to come out of the discussion.

Granted there was some grave-dancing (but only one post that I saw and I actually responded to the poster privately about it) but generally there was a lot of not very mature discussion about it. Given that the man caused a lot of pain for a lot of people (and his legacy continues even after his departure) you'd'a thought that some of the bright bulbs would have tried to steer the discussion to more purposeful pursuits. Like, "What would the Celts/Romans/Norse/Hellenes/Tocharians have done?" when a political enemy passed? No, better we just "get over it" (to quote a private email back at me.)

I go back and forth between annoyance and sadness. How the mighty have fallen...

But, there's always the ongoing discussion about the WOG Order of Ritual which is generating some neato ideas that we'll hopefully be able to implement.

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drubear, is it so much ADF the organization, or the good, bad, indifferent, exasperating, insulting, and sometimes even evolutionary throwback humans who belong to it?

What would the Celts/Romans/Norse/Hellenes/Tocharians have done? is the most fucking awesome question I have heard in any aspect of life recently. As usual, you ROCK and HARD, drubear.

Good thing for that benighted cretin making the nose-picking directive to just "get over it" that we do not live in the Ancestors' eras. Frankly, they just earned (with overtime) a besickled trip to their next incarnation with their former head adorning the top of a pole.

As ever, "Illegitimati non carborundum", my fine belovèd and belustèd druidic bear friend.


Thanks for the response, and yes, of course, it's (mostly) the people and not the org.

But that's not really quite right either - somewhere between the org and the people is the ... uh ... egregore (sp?) of ADF-dom that truly annoys and bothers. So much good stuff is possible, but somehow it just never seems to happen.

Dunno. Maybe more thinking will reveal Da Awful Truth.

Well, not being in membership anymore, can't say how annoyed I'd have been by the thread in question, but I don't (and my in-box doesn't) miss spending my days on e-mail lists.

The Falwell/IE thing comes down to honor, doesn't it? How honorably he behaved himself and how much he dimished the worth and standing in the culture of others through his acts. I hate that word (honor) in general, because of all the b.s. quasi-SCA "warrior" tripping it tends to promote, but in this sort of context, I think it's key. (Like oggie said above, good question.)

Thanks for the thoughts, but the issue isn't even how the man lived or how honorable he may have been. The question is more how are we allowed (encouraged? disallowed? permitted? held back from?) reacting to his death. And, by extension, what his life meant to us.

Steven Brust skzbrust had some great observations about it all that really resonated with me.

Oh, I hear you on your justifiable reaction to the impulse to shut down criticism on the list...I can imagine my reaction...and (as I implied) I'm happy I don't have to worry about having that reaction, let alone having to defend that reaction, cuz I don't subject myself to the random irritations of all-comers lists like DISCUSS anymore. (I was rather taken by your parenthetical "well, couldn't we maybe look at this man's conduct like the IE reconstructionist Pagans we all supposedly are here on this ADF list" comment.)