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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Hi ho the derry 'o...

Well, we're off to Wellspring - as I let my license lapse I'll just be riding shotgun. (Totally Not Fair to da Jacksta, that needs to be remedied.) Not totally sure what we'll come across, but at the very least we'll be seeing chums again (Karan, Jenni, Diana) plus some new peeps (Ben & friend.) I have some words to pass along from Brandon in Japan ( brandondedicant ).

Sadly, this is also BP and IML weekend here in Chicago, and we're going to miss both. (Not that we go out of our way to see/do either, but having so much eye candy makes for a fun weekend.) Giving all that up for (as I posted in a friend's journal) "interminable debates about the minutia of Liturgical Design and the every popular "what about the Sols and the org churn rate?" is likely not a fair trade, but seeing the abovementioned should help ease the pain. I think Da Jacksta needs some Time Away from the house anywho, so camping should help with that.

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