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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Back from Wellspring...

Hippity hop.

Grand time was had by all and we had an especially good time with our campmates from Sassafrass Grove, Pittsburgh. Met lots of wonderful folk, participated in an amazing Sumbel, and even went to a workshop or two.

We also had some amazing talks about all sorts of things, many of which I'm going to dump on my Grove in a fit of liturgical and cosmological creativity.

Should be fun. More later as I trundle off to RL.

Current Mood: accomplished

Gotta love those fits of liturgical and cosmological creativity, huh? I'm excited about Wellspring 2008, and I just realized I must begin saving for it as soon as I have a job. *eep*

I'm psyched about the Greco-Roman plans, J. Although I don't sorta count as either Greek- nor Roman-identified in a pure sense, I do feel called to it in a strong way. I loved that all the folks gathered at the meeting came up with such a great idea for WS08!

BTW, thanks for spearheading the Roman Blessing Rite before the Annual Meeting. To my way of thinking, that sort of thing should be going on all OVER Wellspring.

Yes, it was a nice blessing, wasn't it? My to-do list includes a write-up so that we can plan to do it again (or something very much like it) before all future annual meetings. :)

You guys rock, y'know? I'm SOOO looking forward to planning the Greco-Roman day for Wellspring 2008!!