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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]

(and not the good kind!)

I always can rely on ADF (esp. the website http://www.adf.org) to get my goat when I need some energizing anger and motivation.

To wit - in response to a comment about the SP Completions, it took me >>way<< too long to actually get to the Study Program Completions ( http://www.adf.org/members/training/sp/completions/index.html - members only, sorry! Wouldn't it be nice to let the world know how many of our peeps have actually, you know, >>done<< parts of what we and others consider the apex of ADF??? Wouldja?)

FYI it's linked from the CTP and GSP pages, even tho it has all the Guild rankings as well - no links from Guild SP pages.

And don't even get me started about where the h*ll the wiki is... Grrrr...

I'm this >< close to making a links page on our Grove site to various important National pages.

Work work work work work...

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Ummm... just an idea, but maybe you could volunteer to assist with the ADF website?


Oh, surely you must know how ... tightly controlled ... content on the website is?

And (in the words of a soon-to-be T-shirt) "Don't get me started..." about layout and navigation.

Best to just bring up our Grove site with functionality and design more to my/our fancy. That way everyone's (much) happier and able to express themselves as they see fit. May a thousand flowers bloom!

mah.... to the dru bear :p

don't eat us! :)

I'm gonna sing the doom song now.


Well, thanks for the link, but it's hardly that bad yet.

For them's that know me, these are very old rants but I'm putting them on LJ in the hope that they'll work themselves into Useful Activity vs. just "backing away from the crack pipe" that is ADF.

See! I feel better already. Back to Amazon Tagging!!

This is so sad

But I find the Wiki through the saplings link on the main page, I linked the kids program to the saplings article (yes, I do have some small talent with HTML...mostly thanks to LJ), which takes me to the kids program, which takes me to the wiki.

Re: This is so sad

Ya, and for those of us with some semblance of skill just deep linking to the appropriate page(s) is obviously what to do to "Get'r done!"

But I have this crazy notion that, you know, websites should be, I dunno, easy to use? And encourage content discovery?

Yep... we need to get www.wildoniongrove.org back up.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Not a problem - but there are many places on the website that have that problem, for me at least. Maybe the links all make sense to everyone else, but it just drives me nuts everytime I have to find something.