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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Internet tool memes

Hate to be a Me-too'er but I keep circling around Twitter ( http://twitter.com ) where I'm csherbak (feel free to follow - it's quite sporatic.)

I feel there's some good there, but I'm having a hard time deciding what it is, and all the "pro" bloggers posting about using it to "brand yourself better" "maximize your brand" and "increase eyeballs to your site" just turn me off no end.

I have to think it's a good way to do some kinds of "enterprise" notification - better than RSS, email, SMS and web pages (altho all those are important) for some things. I imagine some continuum of communication along a couple of axes: fast (delivery, pickup) - slow (ditto), long/detailed - short/pointers to more, textual - graphic, etc.

Anyone with experience with Twitter?

(eep! asking my journal readers - how Twitterist!!)

p.s. just got thru the first night of a nasty bad 2 day rerun of our Build - looks like we'll be thru it faster which is good but having my boss out and having to deal with >>his<< boss (who reads and replies to emails at 10pm) is not doing my sanity any favors.

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I know a few folk on my flist use Twitter, and there has been a lot of timestamped stuff like "I'm doing the dishes now," or "I'm going to the airport" showing up in their entries.

Of course, I don't completely understand the need for Twitter because I really don't understand what it really does that using something like TextLJ doesn't. The first time I saw a Twitter entry, I didn't actually know what it was, only that it was marked with "shipped by LoudTwitter" or something. So I looked up LoudTwitter, which, obviously, isn't the same as Twitter. Something about it annoyed me, and I never bothered to actually go to the source and see what was up.

Maybe I'll do that now, since I have a few extra moments before the baby is supposed to get up.

I've been using it to update my LJ facebook status. I tend to use it more on trips than anything else as a way of letting people know what's up with me. I have no idea who reads it, though.


Thanks for the feedback!