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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
WoW Post Incoming!

Jack seithkarl and I recently xferred our top Alleria guys over to Drenden at the invitation of Jeff jeffinthebox (in his "Whiskers & Ale" guild) and are having a bang up time. We got invited to help out some peeps with a Ramparts run and had a great time. Granted, it was 11pm start time - the guys being PST and MST, but being Friday night (and Jack's skill with the Braun coffee machine) we were able to manage it with no problem.

I was somewhat worried that we weren't lvl 70, but the guild doesn't seem to mind at all, and people are playing alts at various levels so there's often people to join up with. Jack and I started up a hummie Priest/Warrior duo and we're levelling like fiends - I just dinged 20 and he's not far behind with his toon.

Fun fun fun!

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As in - wow, you're posting!?

Ah, no...nevermind. ;D