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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Looking for n00bs in all the wrong places

You'd think being a puter geek doing online things for, I dunno, 30+ years would give you some super-shield from doing stupid stuff.

It doesn't.


To everyone on my gmail contact list who happens to read my LJ (and if you drop me like a hot potato of nerd n00bage I'd fully understand) I heartily beg forgiveness.

In my wanton glee to get out of the house this morning, I inadvertantly agreed to let Shelfari ( http://www.shelfari.com/ ) send out e-invites to all my Gmail contacts. (EEEEP!) I had just sent e-invites to people who were also on Shelfari (which seems a lot more kosher to my way of thinking) but then it presented all my non-Shelfari contacts and defaulted to "send e-vite." (facepalm)

What's most annoying is that I really don't even particularly >>like<< Shelfari - the interface is more cute than helpful and they are (IMO) miles behind LibraryThing ( http://www.librarything.com ) where I'd much rather see folks.

Gaak. sorry!


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you're so fired! hey how come I didn't get one?

Dunno - I have your yahoo and gmail addeys, not sure which one it used. Maybe it gave up cuz there were two of 'em? Or, maybe it got marked as (malevolent voice) THE SPAM IT WAS!!!

No worries... I saw who it was from, rolled my eyes, thought to myself "Dang n00b..." and hit the delete button.
(I am, btw, jhunt77 on library thing... still working on adding stuff in, so it's a bit random.)

Thanks for being understanding. Tried to "friend" you but it looks like you don't let people do that ... purtee pweeze?

You can't friend me on LJ?? That's very odd because I think you're on my friends list. Lemme double-check, and try again... pwetty-pweese??

No you goober - friend you on Library Thing!



(I figured it out after I posted...)

*cries frantically* Oooh I thought you realllly wanted to know about my library of books... *runs flailing arms* lol

well, of course I'd like to know about your library!! Just do it over at Library Thing!

p.s. we miss you! Your WoW is calling!

I am so not going back to wow :( Im stuck in Lotro right now >.< video games are teh devil :)