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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
More as a note to myself...

But I came across an interesting Ruby on Rails app that's being written somewhere in Europe (Holland? Sweden? Denmark?) http://en.logilogi.org/LogiLogiManta

My fascination is the use of the web to support our ADF endeavors: specifically the part where we write stuff and talk (and talk and talk...) about things but then lose the discussion for posterity.

My hope would be to continue the tradition of discussion but to retain the efforts. One thought was doing it via book reviews (http://librarything.org et al) but LogiLogi seems like a nice fit, at least in spirit. We'll just have to see...

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Having been involved with all sorts of "electronic conferencing systems", which is the technical term for what you are looking at, the ADF site is a mishmash of different systems glued together with various bits hanging out. Anthony is doing a wonderful job of juggling the whole thing...but ADF is growing fast enough that eventually he will either drop the balls or burn out.

Ultimately, some sort of unified system is need...some sort of Content management system, or CMS.

Ruby on Rails is a nice language, but more people program in PHP. I don't know how well Ruby scales, but PHP is good enough to run Wikipedia, and that thing takes a lot of hammering, but we don't need anything the size of Wikipedia.


Killjoy! What fun would it be to be on the MG or CoL or Leadership list or whatever if you didn't get to reinvent the wheel every two years or so...? :P

Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, out grew the T-Shirt! :-)


Actually, most of what gets talked about on those lists/venues isn't worth saving as they'd get rehashed (or as friends here say "rebitched") anyway as the next "special snowflake" shows up and determines that their take on a subject is Totally New, Fresh And Sublime And Never Possibly Heard In This Reality Before.

No, in my mind, it'd be more for things like well/fire/tree discourses, or other philosophical/theological ramblings.

This does look interesting and useful (and not just because I'm a Ruby/RoR fan). BTW, it's Dutch—Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, or at least affiliated therewith.