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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Yes, it's 1am, but ...

just finished a fun run with the California boyze (well, ok, Reid is in STL but everything west of the Miss, etc. etc.) in WoW. Mage tanks and healerz l00t dropping like rain (not to mention a fun group with peeps who, like, know what they're doing and don't freak out when SomeThing Goes Horribly Wrong) were just some of the highlights.

Sadly, they're only on once a week, so we'll just have to make do till next Friday for some new and different dungeons. Weee!

Current Mood: accomplished

It was fun! You guys rock.
(I'm currently in SLC, UT - soon to be OC, CA)

Oooooh! I wanna be on here, too! It was a blast. Can't wait for the next instance! :D

You guys are a blast - thanks for the great group, and the laughs! Next up, Slave Pens/Underbog!

Oh, and Nuggett needs better tanking gear if he's gonna take over for Copper! Now if we can only teach the Warrior to cast spells...


I too, used to play WoW. I was a Druid..lol. That is too funny.
I this post and had to reply. Sorry.

Till then...