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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Wellspring revelations #1: Holding place for some Odin stuff

So the plan is to do an "all-deity-all-the-time" (ADATT) ritual sometime in the future, perhaps somewhat simultaneously with other ADF Groves/peeps.

ADATT means we don't have seperate deities for the various ADF Core Order of Ritual parts, but call on the Deity of the Occasion in all His/Her aspects as cthonic, bardic, gatekeeper, etc.

When sharing with the Sassers that we had done a rite like that with Hekate (with mixed results - the operative phrase was "Xmas fruitcake from the quiet guy at the office") Maria suggested that it'd work with only a couple of deities. (I"m not totally convinced of that, but that's another essay.) As she is an Odin person, we came upon the idea to try it with Odin.

One of the things we learned, however, is that we need to do workings with the Deity before we try something like that. (Basically, our omen/reaction from Hekate was similar to the feeling you get when you get a Yuletide fruitcake from that odd fellow at the office: "Thanks for the thought, but what the h*ll am I supposed to do with this???") So we have begun the journey to spend some time with Norsey things (not a huge stretch, we've done rites to Sif and Tyr and Jack's patron is Heimdall) and particularly Odin (who we've never - up to that time - see below tho - contacted or had any interaction with.)

That done, we went off to regalia to shop (I mean, what do >>you<< do when presented with a new spiritual opportunity? You shop of course!) for Norse, Odin or runic stuff. I bought (yet another) set of runes: red bad and black onyx stones. (I'm trying to move away from my fascination with earth colors - I even wore a blue tunic and black wrap pants for the Ancestor offering in the main rite. Don't laugh, it's a big step for a fashionista!!) They didn't have any particularly eye catching books, but I also nabbed a tree pendant and an incised stone-on-a-rope that I imagined as Sleipnir (altho it's only a caribou with the usual 4 limbs. Waah waah waah.)

We have Diana Paxson's rune book, so we'll work thru that - so we're covered there.

The amazing stuff happened on the last day. I expressed a desire to do a closing rite at the Nemeton. Partly to give Caroline and Jeremy more ritual time (Caroline missed the memorial rite - she didn't feel comfortable honoring the father of someone she didn't know - and the followup healing rite with Sassafrass; I thoughtlessly left Jeremy out of the Ancestor offering that we fell into for the final rite) so I felt like we "needed" a rite we all participated in equally. Also, I think I'd like to inject more rituals into my (our) lives, esp. as we were in the Omphalos of ADF spirituality (hehe.) I'm sorta a nazi about it, forever insisting that we start meetings with prayers, praying before meals, etc. But I think it's important. (Granted even I don't pray before meals or at day's end or beginning, but I feel it more strongly when I'm with others or we're doing The God's Work. Ya, whatever. ;) )

Anyway, I had wanted to do a closing thing pretty much from even before we left - but with the Odin work it seemed even more important (esp. as there is now a RuneStead - Norse ritual area - behind the Nemeton.)

(cue ominous music)

Apparently He thought so to! As we were cleaning up and getting ourselves ready to go (and collecting up all the alcohol and, somewhat interestingly >>none<< of the bread which we had bags and bags of!) two large ravens appeared outside the camp. After the requisite double takes and nervous titters, I decided that maybe a trip to the Runestead >>wasn't<< an option. I feverishly looked for my new runes, but (of course) couldn't find them. Oddly enough, Caroline had made a set and brought them to Wellspring. She doesn't read them but Jeremy does so they worked out we'd use her runes and he'd read them.

So, we go to the Runestead, encouraged by Odin's Ravens. I hadn't spent any time there at all (who me? I'm not Norse! hehehe) beyond seeing it was there as vacillating between "hey nice" and "why the heck is it so close to the Nemeton!?!" There didn't seem to be any altar but there was a shaft. (Check - offering spot.) We then looked around for an Odin image. Lots of hammers (Thor) and statues of guys with spears (Tyr? Thor?) and a very kewl oval/ship shaped raised bed that may have been a stylized vagina or grave. But no Odin! What's up with that? (Or maybe we're just n00bs - who knows!)

(cue new ominous music)

As I looked around from the offering shaft, my eyes were drawn to a (now dead or mostly dead) tree at the outer edge. Perhaps it was the main inspiration for the location of the Runestead? In the side of the tree was a knot where a branch may have been but the bark had grown/curled around it. There was a patch/alcove of not-bark with some sort of tan underbark stuff. Anywho, to my mind's eye it was a face, and I was pretty well convinced it was our Odin image. We lost it up close but everyone remarked on it. So we made our Odin offering there.

Following that we moved back to the shaft and made more offerings, including another Odin offering. (I'm thinking of making special offerings to Odin at all of our rites up to the ADATT rite, to combat the "fruitcake effect.")

As is usual in ADF, we took a reading. Now, we weren't doing any sacrifices, these were all offering type thingies so we weren't looking for anything in return. But we felt that a reading would be good to get a notion of "did we do ok?" and/or "is there some direction we can get from You?" or whatever. So Jeremy took out the runes and spilled them out on the sweatshirt (he wanted something white to work on) ...

(cue ominous music)

Ok, maybe not so ominous. Caroline had made a set with the blank rune "cuz it fit in the box better." I really have no opinion in the Blank Rune Controversy but I mentioned it wasn't attested. When the runes got dumped on the cloth for the reading, 2 runes stuck in the box. (!) The blank rune and Manaz (? sp?). I was so totally excited by this turn of events I did something I never never never do: I interrupted the Seer with my own interpretation/question. He said Manaz was Human Intelligence. Which I took to mean: If you wish to learn more of Me (Odin) you will not do it with (runes left out of the working/reading) new fangled notions (blank rune) or your intelligence. You need to go back to primary sources and start your journey there.

Jeremy actually read 3 more runes, which escape me now but they had a fair amount of meaning to the others (and we'll need to write them down somewhere so we don't lose it.)

We then moved to the Nemeton and made further offerings to strengthen us, our Grove and Tribe, and the Nemeton and our connection there. We made offerings to Odin and all the Patrons/Matrons of our Folk.

And then we drove home. And raced to empty the van and out to O'Hare in record time to drop off the van.

We still have a lot of the bread. Hehehe.

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If you want another debate as vitriolic as the blank rune, look up the historical authenticity of using the runes as lots for divination. Thats a fun one. My stance is that it may not be historical, but it works for me darn it, so I will continue and recognize its non-historical accurateness.

If you don't mind me throwing my own interpretation in, I would say the blank rune sticking in the box is an indicator not to use it. Mannaz sticking in can be taken two ways. 1) ignore it. Its not the the field, so its not of consequence. As it did trigger responses from you however, that may be significant. 2)The knowledge you are seeking, and the relationship is not found in books, people or man-made sources. Continue making offerings to him, and I would do mediumistic/trance/shamanistic type work to reach to him and have him teach you directly. Seidr anyone?

The figures holding spears could also represent the All-Father, as his own spear was used to attach him to Yggdrasil, from which he had the experience that revealed the runes to him. I do love the idea that the figure had been grown over by a tree. That sounds like him being cheeky. Oh that Odin!!!

actually I didn't make the blank rune to fit in the box better I made it because the instructions I received to make runes said to make one. I don't intend to use it though as anything other than a replacement in case I lose one. I almost crapped myself yesterday as Colleen and I were walking to the store I thought I saw two Ravens sitting on a tree on the Boulevard. However once I got out my binoculars I found they were crows and they were then joined by 3 more, so just a pizza. Or a murder of crows actually which is the coolest name ever for a group of animals by the way.

Edited at 2008-06-03 05:48 pm (UTC)

The ship is a Freyr's Mound. I believe there are plans to replace the masts on either end with carved ones.

Odhinn was apparently very busy at Wellspring. During the gatekeeper meditation, when Ian said "look into his kind eyes" I noticed my visualization had only one eye. He also bonked Seamus on the head and said "get your wife to answer me."

Ahh thanks! It was obviously Something.