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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Let the games begin!

Posted my opening salvo to the ADF-Scholars list. Let's see what people think.

Also got my care package from the Asatru Free Assembly (AFA): a book on Odin, a flip book of runes with helpful page at a time info on each one, and a small book of prayers. Should be fun.

And floated the idea to the Grove that we try a Sumbel for Solstice, perhaps with some Rune learnings (I don't think I've ever actually gone thru the whole set and really looked at them all. I'm a baaaaad Pagan!)


No cakes and ale for you. Naughty Pagan!!!

tell me this isn't an awesome Solstice pic esp for this year's ritual Photobucket

Edited at 2008-06-09 07:30 am (UTC)

wow - very nice! Where'dyou get it? Are there more? I love the imagery and the style.

It's a font called Tiffany corners, I colored it in myself using gimp, I downloaded a bunch of Art Nouveaux and decorative fonts, lots of plant motifs. They would be good for the newsletter I think it would be neat if we had.... ;)

Very nice. I went over to the author's site, and she's got a lot of nice ones! (I lubs da fonts.)

Actually, I had created a newsletter many years ago but never published it. It was called "Da Druids" with the tagline being "Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Druids!" I attempted to copy the journalistic style from Badger Girl at the old Green Man Grove - we really must make those newsletters available, they are amazing artwise and text wise.

wow i didn't even see her site! I got them from a font list, I will have to put her link on my myspace page. well should we resurect the newsletter? it could be online

Wow, with all this Norse things going on, it makes me feel sad for not living closer to you guys.

You know you're always welcome!

And that goes for your beautiful wife too!!

p.s. we have a guest room so it's not like you'd need to find someplace to stay or anything. Keep it in mind...

Re: You know you're always welcome!

I shall keep that in mind.