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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]

Omg! I have plumbed the depths of the interwebs and have been enmeshed in Wiblio ( http://openwetware.org/wiki/Wikiomics:Wiblio ), MARC records, MODS ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metadata_Object_Description_Schema ) , BibTex ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BibTex ), FRBR ( http://techessence.info/frbr ) and Z.39 ( http://www.loc.gov/z3950/agency/ ).

I have new found respect for Library Science, and do agree that it is, indeed, a Science.

All this for my research into what I'd like to see in the ADF Corpus and how it will all work. Requirements are such a PITA.

I'm still happy that my Math degree is a B.A. however. ;)

Current Mood: Overwhelmed

Well yes, it is a science, but remember--if it's that complex, then we don't need to mess with it. That can be left for trained professionals. No wheels need to be reinvented--that's sort of the whole impetus behind this in the first place. :)

My suggestion is to start with an abstract definition, then brainstorm everything that could possibly conceivably remotely go on the list.

Then go through and refine: 1) the definition, then 2) the items on the list, according to the new definition.

At the end, perhaps after an iteration or two, you should have a workable outline of the ADF Corpus.

An open question is how interactive you want that process to be. A listserv level of interactivity would give you lots of email (so you won't feel lonely), but the signal-to-noise ratio might be questionable. LJ might be too quiet, and isn't a good way for this sort of interactivity to work out. Google Docs or a whiteboard or something might work?


Well, I was just reading about what things we needed to have to link up to the wider world of da interwebs - I'd rather not develop our own version of LibraryThing's/Amazon's/LibraryOfCongress book databases but link into them somehow.

I also see our articles/papers/liturgies/songs/poems/stories as (for want of a better name) 1st order objects for the Corpus so I also want to be sure we don't get too tied down to a "paper only" or "book only" view.

Gettin' there. Actually, I had hoped to do some brainstorming with you and Ray (being as he's a scholar IRL and all :) ) but maybe we'll just need to schedule a dinner date to do that. Maybe include Anne as a Subject Matter Expert. Hmmm... definitely need to get a place on the internet to share info - back to 39 Signals I think! BaseCamp invite incoming!!

Your list of "first order objects" is -exactly- what I would pick out as the ADF Corpus (as opposed to the Everyone Else Corpus).

I do <3 Basecamp. Lemme go check it out.