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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
So looks like we have the apt!

now we just need to get the lease signed and set a date for the move. They are going to let us move in early for free (weeee!) so we'll try to take advantage of that with a (tentative) 7/26 move-in date.

Jack of course is in hog heaven making lists (I must admit I find some comfort in it too!) and I just worry about whether our various largish pieces will make it up the small staircases to the 2nd and 3rd floors. That's the dining room table (which isn't as large as I keep imagining it), kitchen table, deck table (no idea where we're going to put that - not sure I want to let it sit outside in the backyard - at least on our current deck it's a little less exposed), couch (biggest fear) & love seat (the divan we actually use to watch tv), box spring (needs to go the 3rd floor), dressers (we can put 'em in storage if we need to) and the computer tables (which were a b*tch to get >>in<< to the house as it was.)

But that's sortof just normal moving jitters I think. I, of course, have boxes and boxes of paper stuff to go thru/get rid of, so I might just take the week prior to the move off and work thru the boxes and pack up all the books, dvd's and cd's.

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Excellent! It's apparently been a good day for apartment hunters as we just found out we got ours too. ;)

where is the apt...you didn't leave Logan Square did you?