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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]

My... just started up... have a few chums here... (hi Alex! hi Dave! Hi Jack! /smootchees!)

Hi Chris!

:waves furiously at the Chicago bear

Re: Hi Chris!

Hey handsome... where you be? Jack's gunna call you today... left you an msn note, but you were AFK. Hope all's well... and, uh, we're gonna try to get ya ta come ta Chitown for BP... so get ready for the full court press... :)

Re: Hi Chris!

Hehehehe...don't need to press too hard. All I need to do is find the money for the ticket and the registration, and I'm all over it. Oh, and a hotel room. But I think I can pull all those off.

HEY CHRIS!!! you too? hehe, i started up so i could post on alex' journal then i decided to keep up mine too :) heh anyways, welcome and hope to see you around

My Love!

Welcome, Light of My Life!

Hiya Cutie!!

... and yet another wonderful bear joins the LJ crowd. :-)

Not that I'm complaining! :-) WOOT!

*snuzzles and hugz*