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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Wherein the past and future come up to greet me ...

Just finished Steven Brust's latest "Vlad" book "Jhegaala" (obligatory Library Thing link: http://www.librarything.com/work/book/33109072) in which our hero needs to deal with a town full of humans while on the run from the Jhereg. Nice book, and consistent with the series, although I miss the overly stilted and formal conversation styles of the elves. Perhaps Vlad will return to the Empire in the next book about him. Although I must admit I tend to like the Phoenix Guards series more as there's more elvin lore/action/history there. But any of his books are a joy to read and I'll keep buyin' them as long as he keeps writin' 'em. P.S. Brust is in Mexico now getting operated on for a hernia. Get well soon Steven!

Despite all the new stuff happening with the new apartment and the move (hopefully we get the keys tonight and can start the "measure twice, cut once" process of determining where everything is going to go) I've gotten back in touch with some people from my past. Humorously enough, when I try to tell Jack about them, I ritually begin with "Now therein lies a tale..." where I go into long discourses on times long past and relationships since left to lie fallow. Between Jay moving to Canada and getting married, Cory getting a fellowship at IBM and Mary maybe coming to Chicago for a conference, it's just too much for a story telling bear trying to look only forward. Aw well, we are all the products of our past, eh?

On the apartment front, I've set aside 5 days of PTO (3 before and 2 during/after the move) to pitch in on the packing and unpacking. Jack will be a wreck as he's not as blessed with tons of vacation (esp. since both his parents' anniversary and Summerland are coming up next month as well and he's committed to take time off then) so we'll just muddle through with me doing my best during the day with my chum's Chuck's help. We have tons of boxes from our upstair's neighbors (who have since moved out) so I don't think we'll be in any danger of running out. Plus there's always Public Storage on Western for more.

My friend Carol has a light maple butcher block rollie/island sitting in her basement that we'll be taking off her hands for $75. I submit that we're just enabling Jack's Table Fetish, but with the kitchen being as small as I remember, we'll not be able to put our current Ikea wonder in there. It'll have to go in bedroom #3 (right off the kitchen) which is being rechristened (repaganed?) the "summer kitchen", "breakfast room" or "walkin pantry" depending on our mood.

Should make for interesting times.

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"Long Lost Friend Reunion Day" is August 17th. Isn't it strange, this feeling seems to be permeating everyone. Summer is the time for friendships remembered, I think.

It's not a table fetish...it's a table /interest/. I mean, technically speaking, it's not really a table...per se. Kinda...sorta...:)

Hopefully the stories don't have anything to do with rosemary flavored spaghetti cooked over a campfire. LOL

it's all about the context ... "Oh, >>that<< Mary...!"