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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Mo' movin'

Ok, so just off the phone with at&t for moving the telecomm. (We won't say why but da Jacksta handed off the phone - still on hold doncha know - while he was running off to ... somewhere important. Just sayin'...)

Unsurprisingly, their website suxxors (needing much down calming of Da Jacksta - he can be so critical at times) but the CSR I talked to was very helpful. Knocked money off the bill, kept all our services, got free WiFi (!), but had to get another phone number. :(

We don't appear to have any jacks in the apt (is that even possible?? Ok, maybe they drywalled them up...) so we'll be needing 3: kitchen, 'puter room ("middle bedroom") and the upstairs master.

Also spent time with cable - we have a line in the master but Comcast says we don't. Uh huh. Maybe we'll need to pull that out as it's likely a pirate from somewhere. Not us! Not us! Hehehehe...

Continuing backwards, last night was the key exchange (no passphrase needed) and measuring. Some of the rooms were as small as I remembered, but others, not so much. Da Jacksta (sadly) had his eyes opened when we were there again and had a couple pangs of buyer's remorse. I still maintain it's more room than what we have, just laid out waay different (9 somewhat depressing-looking smaller rooms vs. 7 bigger.) Some of our furniture may need to be purged (good bye couch!) or just put in out of the way nooks and crannies. The upstairs master is basically the full size of the 2nd floor with a bedroom (front end with door), long hall/room with a 1/2 bath jutting out. But like all attic spaces, there is a severe angle to the ceiling (ha! generous word!) that makes the space less that fully useful. I was imagining a low brow theatre space sitting on the floor on one end with the imagined screen 10' away (down the alleyway) on the outside wall of our bedroom. Ha ha!

We'll likely have a floor plan up soonly.


I just watched Jack's vid and I like your place very much! (I love city living myself, but somehow we ended up out here in the almost-burbs instead)

Good luck with the move! I'm sure you'll find a place for everything eventually. At first I didn't even realize there was an upstairs! Just keep telling yourself the sloped ceiling adds a bit of character;)