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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Weee! A pretty good weekend...

Which isn't quite over yet - J & R will be here shortly to go out to dinner. We haven't seen them since the move, but the Type-A's feel a F2F will help with the planning for the Summerland Bear Express.

Ya right.

Anywho, it'll be good to see them before we leave Thursday afternoon.

In other annoying move news: I now have a fully functioning PC again. We won't talk overly much about the new mobo, cpu, memory, video card and 1T HDD we had to get. Ok, the HDD wasn't a >>have<< to get, but my dear husbear wanted me to start moving off my 3 HDD's that I've held onto from Win 95 dayze... He's a sweety.

And in further amazing news, we found the CD that had been tantilizingly out of reach the last 2 weeks. ! EEEEK!!! Now the meeting tomorrow will go a little bit better.