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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Up at 5:45am ...

to get ready for a 6:30am pickup to go with a friend for his colonoscopy at 8:30am. Geesh, the things I do.

OTOH, it's something I need to get scheduled for meself as it's one of the "now you're 50 and you have a whole >>new<< set of health issues to be concerned about" things. Bother. Guess I will need to find a doctor. And that means having My Bump taken care of as well which should make both my father and mother-in-law happy.

OTOOH, looks like tomorrow morning may be when we leave for Summerland as R. may be able to get all his experiments in and we can be off. Not that I wasn't looking forward to a day at the Hyde Park Coop Bookstore, but we has our priorities.

We do?

p.s. J.'s in town and calling relentlessly. I was hoping to fit in a lunch with her, but it was a zoo at work and I was welded to my keyboard. Not to mention prep for a meeting with the CIO at 3pm.


Can't wait to see you guys at Summerland.