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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Go get 'em heck ACLU and Lambda Legal!


Apparently the CA initiative process only allows small changes to the CA Constitution, not rights removals, without legislative review. Prop 8 didn't have that and now that it's passed, ACLU et al are asking for it to be invalidated because the Prop did not receive that review.

Now granted, it's still important to remember that 52% of CA voters voted against our desire to have a marriage, but taking away rights previously granted is a very different thing in this country. Even conservatives get their panties in a twist over a "taking."

Even if this forces a repeal of Prop 8 (even given that the absentee ballots apparently aren't yet counted) they'll be back. (In the words of the Guvinator...)


LA Times article discussed this a bit this morning...informed opinions seemed pretty divided as to whether the scope of coverage of the initiative was narrow enough to pass muster...the majority seemed to me to be skeptical that an challenge on this basis will be successful, so cross your fingers for now while it plays out...

VERY encouraging. :)