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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
I lubs shopping on da interwebs...

After a discussion with da Jacksta this morning about Xmas gifts, I reaquainted myself with the Society (aka SCA aka the Society for Creative Anachronism http://sca.org .) Reupped although technically it's a new membership as they apparently "lost" my 1996 membership. Hahaha.

We have some of the prezzies figured out, but more will be needed. (thinking cap on)


I had a similar problem when the barony in St. Louis lost my membership...but I moved anyway and then never got back into it in a way big enough to need it. One of these days maybe. We tried to get some gatherings started here at the University - but it was pretty much a no go. :(

Good luck on the prezzies...I'm still trying to figure mine out as well.

Every so often I think about getting back into the SCA, but our local group just isn't a group I want to hang out with. I'm sure they're perfectly nice people, but it's a college group, so they're quite young (which isn't a problem) and they're all going to be leaving in a few years (which is).

It's fun to connect with people and I've always been fascinated by the Society esp. as it relates (socialogically and organizationally) to ADF, not to mention all the obvious connections: Recreationists vs. reconstructionists vs. whatever-the-word-is-when-you-try-to-apply-ancient-values-to-modern-life.

Oddly, it all started as a thought about prezzies for da Jacksta's nephews and how we can keep up the "kewl uncle" meme for gift-giving. One or 2 of his nephews might do well in SCA (with its acceptance of shy/geek/gamer types) so I was checking out the groups there. Figgered it'd be poor form to show up not being a member so ... click click, we're back in!

Looks like our province is in the process of baronializing which should be interesting. And the next event is one I went to long ago with Ray - 12th Night. It's a huge todo here, as all the royals will be there (King, Queen, Prince, Princess.) Should be fun - it's a 16th Century Italian masque - with a Roman theme. Sheesh... leave it to the Society to make for a challenging garb event!