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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Poor teacher - not understanding she's about to get Slashdotted...


Email (and response) from a teacher who is worried about the "evils" of Linux corrupting our children.

So sad to see such misinformation - and you just know she's likely trying her best. The nerdrage will be ginormous.



Wow. I was waiting for the Guilda Radnor moment when she said something like, "Oh, LINUX! I thought you were talking about LSD!!" Nevermind."


Well she certainly inferred that "trying linux" was something you do in college, like smoking a joint only to be disavowed later on.

I want very badly to ask her if it came on a little piece of paper like a postage stamp.

More Followup...


As with most things, there's a "... rest of the story..." along with cooler heads prevailing.