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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]

So back from Wellspring where even the ride home gave us a chance
to watch the amazing sky/lightshow on the drive back Tuesday night.
Very exciting! (Unpacking a van in the rain is >>not<< exciting

The fest was a lot of fun and a lot of energy flowing around. We (once
again) got to see a lot of old friends and got to meet some new ones.
The Sassies are all doing well and still have some nicer tents - dang
them! Jamie from Silver Falls PG was there with some of his PG-mates
and there was a small contingent from Canada. And that was just in our
immediate area! A great time was had by all!

We missed the opening ritual (actually, we drove thru it when we
arrived) and I didn't attend the American Memorial ritual (but
Caroline might be able to relate her experiences with that.) There was
a healing rite which I also didn't attend (I was doing a lot of
shopping with Diana from Sasafrass - boy can those druids drink!!) but
I heard was very successful. The Big rite was a combo Unity Ritual and
Initiate Program Kickoff/Bootstrap. The ritual consisted of investing
the 4 ArchDruids as Initiates and empowering them to further initiate
as people complete the requirements. (My understanding is there are 2
candidates already.)

The Wellspring Bardic Chair was won by Sasafrass's very own Emerald
with a wonderful story of Circe and a song she wrote. It's a new
Cosmos/Portal song she posted to Liturgists in January. I sadly (or
humorously) misheard the line "and keep Chaos away..." as "and keep
the Klingons away..." We all got a great laugh out of it ("Hey Emerald
- you haven't even finished singing and we're already filking it!")

After everyone left, only a handful of us remained on Monday to roam
around Brushwood which was very interesting and beautiful. Jeremy
noted there was a Labyrinth which we found and walked, and Caroline
lead us deep into the Fairy Wood for another adventure. (We're still
diagnosing the bumps on Jack's arm! No pain/itch, but they seem to be

On Tuesday, after packing up, we headed off to the Nemeton and
Runestead to offer up all the excess alcohol. (Remember those beer
runs? The Gods were going to be happy!) What started out as only an
offering rite turned into a full blown ritual. I made special
offerings to the Earth Mother, Who was very conspicuous all weekend
(She was one of three offered to in the Main Ritual and Isaac was
chatting Her up at Chenille and other places) along with Liber, Roman
God of Wine. I also offered from all of our Grove not present but who
are always on our minds. (My memory fades here but hopefully the
others can chip in if I get things muddled.) Jeremy offered to
Dionysus (before my Liber offering) and Ray offered the sake (!) to
the Kami (sp? Japanese spirits of place?) Caroline offered to the
spirits of the land who were here before we arrived to thank them for
sharing the spot with us.

Then, I think Jack offered up to Athena for wisdom. What was odd/
amazing about this, was right after the offering, Caroline found a
small owl statuette on the ground (we were standing near the Nature
Spirits post/altar in the Nemeton) and we all decided it was >>not<< a
pizza. I could have sworn I had looked at the very spot and hadn't
seen it. Looks like we have another Deity (and culture!) to focus some
attention on!

I totally have spaced on the omen, but Ray declared the sacrifice(s)
to be accepted. We had run out of things to share for the Return Flow,
so I tried an energy working/receiving which seemed to work ok. (Right
guys? Be gentle!) We of course asked for blessings on all our Tribe,
Family and Friends.

I asked for another omen for all this Earth Mother poking, and Ray Saw
that this was not an internal/external thing (the basis of my
question) but rather something that touched on both. Tyr's rune was
one of the 3 (Sunrise and ... were the others) so I clearly have some
thinking to do on that one. I was thinking of doing something like an
Order dedicated to the Earth Mother ("Companions of the Earth Mother")
but again, more thinking needed.

After closing down the rite, we moved to the Runestead for further
offerings to Odin and others. Caroline had started studying the runes,
so she made some offerings and did her first reading. It was pretty
auspicious (IMO) but I'll let her relate what she wants of it. She
also got a Gift. ;) Jack offered up a prayer to Heimdal and we were
all getting that tired but satisfied feel and knew it was time to
shake a leg. (The rain started up after we were done...)

We then packed up for home for an amazing drive back to Chicago. We
were filled with ideas (as we often are after Wellspring) and look
forward to an exciting talk with everyone about our experiences.

So how was your weekend? :)

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Weird, I had a couple of bumps like that on my hand too! They are almost gone now though

I think mine were stress hives. I had them all over my arms and across my chest -- no clue why. Hives always look so pretty when mixed with sunburn! Luckily mine are going away, if slowly, too.

The Athena thing was one of those spooky, "woo woo" things. I was trying to focus on Mighty Ones who might lend us aid in solving our Grove problems, and Her name came up from the depths.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

>>one of Mike's Patrons...

Really? Hmmm... we may need to talk to him (and you!) about that. We have a tradition (that we're trying to work on) of rushing up to deities and throwing stuff at them. We had an interesting omen from Hecate at a ritual we dedicated to Her (basically, "Huh? WTF?"). We are working on improving that for Her and Odin (the other Deity who's come up) by going slowly and talking/working with Groves/people who already have a relationship started.

So, we may want to talk to youse guys about giving us an "intro" to Her via a shared ritual or sacrifice or some such. 6/14 is our next meeting (liturgy for Solstice) and we'll be talking about it.