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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Poopies - not going to Summerland

Well, duty calls and all that. I'm sad but I think Da Jacksta is sadder.

B suggested we go to Midnight Flame but between few enough people we know going and it being mostly Norse (which makes me wonder why B would be interested in going as she has suggested on any number of occasions that Norse folk shouldn't be in ADF at all. Sigh. I just point her to "In Search of the Indo-Europeans" and hope for the best.) there's little reason to trek up to the north country for a weekend fest. Woods? Sure. Hassle? Mostly.

Which means we are done for travelling until Xmas with the in-laws, which is always fun. I really need to work in a trip to Ohio to see my Dad however... hmmm... maybe T'giving?

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SAD :(

I will miss you guys. Where in Ohio does your father live?

We'll miss teasing you too. ;)

He lives outside Youngstown - he used to live in Canfield but I think the new address has him in Poland.

You do recall I was born in Youngstown... ?

Yes I remember :) I was not sure if he was still in those parts though. You know, Youngstown is only like 45 minutes from me. If you come down in November let me know and I will treat you and Jack to dinner (or just you if you are coming down alone).

Liz and I will be extremely sad. We were so looking forward to hanging with you all.


Totally sad! I was so ready to hang out with you guys!:(

Take care, and *hugs* to you both.

I'm sorry you guys won't be there. I'll miss you.

I'm in the same boat- I'm not able to make it, either. I'm also very bummed.