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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Adventures with One Eye

So having forgotten to offer to Odin at our Samhain, I need to followup with an offering.

We were at a local get together of Chicagoland Pagan/Esoteric leaders and we happen to be near a liquor store so we went on in and looked for some booze.

J found some Lemonchello (sp?) and I nabbed some Glunz Rouge & Blanc (which I haven't had for many years and thought it might no longer be available but what ho! Good sign!)

Not entirely sure what Odin would want (mead? none to be found) I came across some Bell's Winter White Ale. My eye was piqued (white - beard?) and I bought a six-er. (Bells is a micro brew in Kazoo which has somehow wormed its way to Chicagoland - we are the better for it!)

Just offered up a bottle and pulled a rune (I s'pose I should be working with runes more, eh?) Isaz. Going off to find out what it means.

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I think he wants the rest of the six pack.

Hehhehe, that I can do. ;) But only after I get it fully chilled (as the Gull-man notes below.)

And you need to give it to him COLD.

Well, uh... maybe the next one?

Since, as you say, "Ice" should be a clear note. ;)

A very fitting rune for Samhain, too. And yes, you should be working more with runes, LOL! (same here!)

I have found the All-Father to enjoy Stella Artois. He doesn't mind slumming it you know.

If I pulled Isa after doing a reading, I would offer more. A bit of something to warm the blood it seems.

Thanks for the input - ya, J pretty much said the same.

Not being at all familiar with the runes my first thought was that it was "man" (versus some rounded shaped one for "woman") or the "on" symbol that IBM often uses on their equipment.

Once I found out what it means tho, I'm not so sure it always means "cold" - it can be beautiful as well as treacherous. Guess I need to start a Rune journal...

p.s. thanks for the tip on Stella!

p.p.s. for all you Rune Types - is a single pull ok or do you usually pull 3? (or dump them all? - that might be too much for me - I'm a bear of little brain!)

for my daily devotional i pull one.

When i'm doing a reading i pull three to start, and then keep going until i 'feel' it is done.

Eventually I want to get to the point where i can dump and read (hmm...that sounds odd) but I'm not there yet.

In answer to your question about runes,. it depends upon the nature of the reason you are pulling. If it's for a quick answer, one rune can often suffice. For a more specific reading, I often will pull three, but often do it multiple types as we go trhough the complexity of the question of the querent. (even if it is myself) I find for broad general questions, dumping them all also has it's uses, although I usually do that on a cloth of some type, which has divisions of some kind depicted on it, in my case four. I have seen instructions for more complex divisions, but when doing it that way, it seems that can get confusing and messy as one without any divisions at all.

Edited at 2009-11-09 04:05 pm (UTC)

Culturally speaking, wine was a rare treat for the ancient Norse.

I just gave Odin an offering too. I used Vodka. I hope he likes it, that's all we have. Then I drew 3 runes. I drew Thurisaz, Eihwaz, and Othala. So Thorn, Thor, raw power, not getting carried away, enthusiasm, strength of will. The Yew, Yggdrasil, World Tree, union of opposites, spiritual assent or exploration, a negative turned into a positive. Then Ancestral Property, Family (spiritual or blood), contact with ancestors, and is a Rune of Odin.

So I interpret that as us needing to channel our will, power, effort, and enthusiasm to traverse the Worlds and connect with our Tribe (Grove, ADF, ourselves) our ancestors, and well of course Odin.

I'd say the offering was accepted, but with homework :)