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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Trip to the doc

So just got back from the doc who wanted to go over my blood work from a couple weeks back.

She says my triglycerides are higher than she wants to see - I need to cut back on carbs (eep! No mo pasta?? Whaddaya mean one serving is only one cup?? That's not a serving that's a mouthful!!) so that means more veggies and salads for me.

My Vitamin D is low so she'd like me to take supplements.

I then got a question about buying pills from her but I declined. I think I'd like to learn a bit more about these two before I jump in.

BP was a bit high but they assumed I had just run from the bus so was ok. (I think the panting kinda gave it away. ;) ) But everything else was good - cholesterol was fine (altho I prolly should've asked for the number so I could wear it as a badge of honor or something.)

Oh, and lose like 25 pounds or so. Gleep - not sure >>where<< that'd come from!

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If you're trying to increase your Vitamin D levels, be sure you are also increasing your exposure to sunshine!

Cutting back on the carbs will cause you to lose weight, but be careful of the dressings you use. A lot of them are high in sugar (which is just another carb). I learned that the hard way!

Good luck! I wish I could say the weight-loss thing was working for me. If you find something that helps, please share!