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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
So much closer to getting our own place

When last we met, Da Jacksta and I only had an approval letter and a hope. 4 months later, we found a place (actually our 2nd or 3rd choice, but certainly the best), negotiated a price (down from 297 to 267), had it inspected, had it appraised (booo - only appraised at 265, but we'll suck up the diff) and finally (just last week) had our loan approved.

Other than the drama of looking and looking and looking... we had quite a scare with the loan approval. Continuing the theme of "No good turn goes unpunished..." I was informed that the student loan I co-signed for a friend (who is a daughter of a friend) back in 2004 had come back to haunt me. She let it go to collection after swearing she'd get it paid off and there was a possibility we'd have to bring it current to the tune of $5k. (Interesting racket that: the 7.5k loan has recently morphed to a 15k payoff.) Luckily, our mortgage broker talked to the underwriter, and we can carry it as 400+ days past due on my credit. (Da Jacksta wrote a very fine Letter of Explanation (LOX) for the CYA.) It appears my "friend" is paying on the loan (which probably was a Good Thing) but there are many people in my corner who'd like a word with the aforementioned delinquent scholar. 

(As if there's not enough reason to harbor ill will towards them... sigh. Bad things come in threes, eh?) 

Anywho, we're on track for closing on 9/22 and move in tentatively 9/28. Which should give us time to get everything else out by the end of the month just in time for the October rent check which we'll not have to send in. 

Oh frabgeous day, calloo, callay... (that's me chortling in my joy.) 

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It doesn't matter how much you prepare yourself, there's always Drama. But All's Well That Ends Well!

Oh, congratulations! I'm glad it finally went through!