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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Getting my Geek on

So along with our PS3, we're looking at making more of our media available around the house. So I bought a HP MediaServer - a very small box with 4 drive bays to help us do dat

Of course, we could have built our own with any number of cases and mobos sitting around, but I'd like to have at least one appliance sitting here doing its job with very little fuss and bother. It's a Windows Home Server box, so I guess we're part of the Evil Empire now, but with autobackup and media serviing, I think it'll do well for us. I'm slowly falling for the Drobo so that may be our SAN solution along with whatever Linux boxes we decide to bring up.

Our linux laptop has a docking station and I need to have quick access to my work laptop (+ dock) so I'm now looking quite sternly at our outdated wooden tables we use as 'puter desks. Can AnthroCarts be far behind...? 

More and more looking like "more puters than NASA!" (as Caroline so colorfully said while moving.) Hey, we're geeks. I admit it.

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