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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Jobs and jobs

A number of friends are either inbetween jobs or about to start new ones. I'm getting the sense at my work that another round of layoffs is in the works (oops, just happened!) and I'm seriously thinking of trying out for a new spot over in Healthcare.

Just got back last night from Ohio with Da Jacksta for Thanksgiving with my Dad and brother and his two sons (who've turned out quite nicely.) My dad is clearly in his declining years and my thoughts (inevitably) turn to Eventualities, but for now, we had a good time. I've been asking more and more about family history and I'm hoping that will elicit some interesting tidbits but also help him with his memory.

The drive back from Ohio was filled (as it often is) with thoughts about the Grove and Things ADF. More lists!

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