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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Having waay too much fun with Dungeon Seige

Ya ya, I know, it's a MickeySoft title... but it's only published by them - Gas Powered made it. It's a lot like Diablo (altho fewer classes) and Baldur's Gate (grouping stuff) mixed together. It's quite fun, albeit somewhat linear. Easily spent two stints of 2 hours in the game... definitely well paced for newbies like me to get engaged.


I was waiting to hear feedback from others on this one. It's getting all kinds of attention, but wasn;t sure how it played. Sounds like something I'd get into since I love Diablo and Baldur's Gate. And it's supposed to be multiplayer as well.

Maybe I'll break down and get it next paycheck. =)
(Yeah, cuz I NEED another video game to suck my time up!) ;)

Morgan and Clayton both bought it this past weekend and were talking excitedly about it the whole time. I sense an addiction brewing. ;)

Oh, it's even worse than that...

you can play over the internet with chums... a la Starcraft (maybe Baldur's Gate/Diablo as well.) It's very well produced.