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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Off to Wellspring

Well, despite my every attempt to convince him that it will be boring and maddening (not to mention cold and maybe wet), looks like Jack and I will be off to Wellspring (http://www.stonecreed.org/wellspring/) for the weekend. Highlight will be a weekend with Jack (always a plus) but my Senior Druid Barbara and I (along with some others) will be getting our Lay Clergy Credentials. Although it doesn't mean a whole lot to me (Barbara and I got ULC creds a while ago) she's pretty jazzed about getting them. We've been operating as clergy for a very long time, and this is just an "official" approval/recognition of it.


Wow, you haven't posted in like, forever hon! Hopefully it will be a fun weekend, you never know, the weather reports could be wrong :)

Oh, western New York is hugely variable weather wise - I know to bring lotsa warm stuff irrespective of the weather reports. :) As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be fine. Jack on the other hand... :)

p.s. love the new look!


it's an old look
hence why that blurry garble on the bottom says "Coming Back Soon"

Have fun, cutiepie! Give Jack a big hug from me (and tell him to give you one from me as well *giggle*)!


Oh, I don't know, dear - I think it's going to be a great getaway for us. I have a few books to read, and a lot of land to hike on if you have to do Druidy stuff.

And despite the fact that "roughing it" in my family means "the butler's night off", I think I can weather it fairly well. :)