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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Things things things... esp. for Hekatatia

Although I have many things to write up about Wellspring (beyond it being a wonderful time with Jack and amazingly lacking in drama) I did want to put forward something that we chatted about on the way back:

Hekatatia? (Assuming you read my journal :) ) Is there a web site or more info about the gathering? Wild Onion would be quite happy to help out any way we can and we'd like to get some info on dates/times/places. We are going to ask the Preceptor if we can do a DP intensive to let people knock out some of their req's - specifically the virtue papers and book reports and whatever else we can help with that doesn't require months or waiting for seasonal rites. Once we got approval to do so, I'd ask if you could add to your adverts that we'd be doing that, and have people come to the fest ready to take care of them.


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Of course I read your journal. :)

Website with basic details: http://riverfire.tripod.com/fest.html Other important stuff: it's in Wyalusing state park by Prairie du Chien WI; beginning late afternoon Friday (around 4-5pm) Oct 4th and running through around noon-1 on Sunday. The intensive sounds great! I'll add it to the adverts as soon as I hear from you. Help is very much appreciated - I'm certain we will need some people to take parts in the rituals if anyone in Wild Onion is interested.

I can't wait for Wellspring details. So far I haven't heard one peep. Nothing. Nada.

Wellspring and tings

Oh, I'll ask Jack if he can add you to his journal - he has a couple of postings about it. Not much really happened, all in all, other than the ordinations on Friday and the dedications on Saturday. Will and Amerghin were on again off again for participating - they both ended up >>not<<. Other than a longish rant by Amerghin a the national meeting, it was pretty quiet. Eaisily the quietest Wellspring I've been too in a very long time.

As for the ritual, I'm sure we could field what ever spots you'd need.