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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Remind me again why I need to work?

Esp. since Neverwinter Nights and the two Versus strategy guides just showed up... and... ritual tomorrow so no stayin' up till the wee hours to play NWN or EQ. /sigh


If only I had your sense of priorities, my friend...

have a great weekend ;-)

My friend Clayton bought the game yesterday...I'm told Morgan's picking it up on his way home from work today. I'm sure Shane will jump on the bandwagon soon enough. I'm looking forward to a long, peaceful summer. :D

So I gotta ask... I broke down and bought Dungeon Seige, and was actually dissappointed.
Is NWN actually worth the $60? Subscriprtion play online or free??

Just curious. I would love to DM online for this thing, but I am afraid of getting Baldur's Gate 3... lol


NWN is like and unlike DS: yes it's a Baldur's Gate kinda game, but then it's not.

What NWN really is is an RPG construction kit: the software you use to create your >>own<< Baldur's Gate, plus one better. An EQ/tabletop D&D experience where the DM/GM is >>always<< on and watching.

NWN allows you to create and then run campaigns using the NWN client.

Hope that all makes sense...

Re: Hmmm...

Makes a lot of sense, considering when I walked in from work last night I was met with "Close yer eyes, I have something for you". Mike bought it for me.

So yeah I played for like 20 mins and then booted up the DM tools. I am actually impressed with the game. Will do a full write up in my LJ sometime soon.

Talk about timing. ;)

NWN vs. EQ

A few friends from work tried to pull me into the NWN thing, but I resisted. I went as far as picking up a copy and flying through a few of the chapters.

There's only one addiction for mah, and that's Everquest. ;)

Hey, Chris! It's me, Siobhan from the ADF festival... I see you truely *don't* post much, eh? Well, hopefully you get your "comments" in email, and so I'm sending.

I've taken the liberty of adding you to my friend's list... 's kinda been a dark and stormy sea since August, but it appears to be lightening up a bit now. (Read back a bit, or read my "memorable memories" for some "lighter" reading)!

Anyway, wonderful to have metcha... wonderful!

It'll be great to have you along in the perverbial e-backpack of my journaling journey... stay in touch, k?

Love and light,